Sending a Fruit Hamper to Newcastle

share a fruit basket for a funeral gift idea
Share some Happy!

Sending a Fruit Hamper to Newcastle can make someone's day - just by giving the gift of a thought shared.  Nothing delivers with the immediacy and impact of a basket full of fresh seasonal fruit brimming with the wholesome goodness of your expression of thanksgiving.

Too often in our busy day to day lives we are trapped in the cycle of good deed not done - that is having a thought to send some goodwill but then not acting on it immediately or at all.  And once this moment passed, you yourself miss the physiological benefits of giving - the release of endorphins, the smiles, the rush of blood to the head and the overall warm glow of giving.

And once it is lost, it is lost forever in the sands of time - like it can not be recovered and the memory never returns. or is never stored in the first place.  A far better alternative is to act on you impulse and share the feeling with your intended recipient so you can capture the moment and etch it into your and the recipients memory like stone.  Remembering a positive, thoughtful interaction is one of life's simple pleasures and enables you to remain meaningfully connected with your friends, business associates and broader network.

So when you have a life event happen - don't smile whimsically and let it pass you buy without stamping it for eternity with a fruit basket and etching it into our collective unconscious.  After all, it is these moments and memories that are what we all savour and relish when we are old and looking back at the noisy confusion of life for some meaningful signposts to anchor our existence to.

Go on, share a fruit basket for all these benefits.


  1. I agree how fleeting these moments in life are and how we are utterly ungrateful to let them pass bus by without so much as a bowl of fruit to remember them by.

    1. Even though we might scoff at the idea - sharing is the basis of all giving.

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